19 Oct

Other features of the Video Showlite: Video Editor

We can use the Video Showlite: Video Editor Application for uploading videos into the YouTube. We can directly upload the videos to YouTube by using the Video Showlite: Video Editor Platform. The videos which we record with the camera of the phones can be uploaded to YouTube very easily.

Besides the login for android Id provided helps us to invite viewers to view the video.

We can promote the video among the social media sites and within our connections. We can share the video among our friends and relatives through the social media and can spread the smile at the same time. The application can also be used for providing tutorials as we can make our own video and can show it to the target audience.

This application is innovative for its own features and thus it is one of the most liked applications in the Google play store. People thus download it pretty often for their own need.

19 Oct

Features of this SyncPlisity application

This SyncPlisity application is made by the SyncPlisity technology for the users, for sending files of various formats. We can send files like images or videos with this SyncPlisity application. People can send their official documents also with the use of this SyncPlisity application. This SyncPlisity application is known apk safe verified to support PDF, .doc, .html files for transferring. The transfer can be done to 5 devices at a time.

Send files to a group using SyncPlisity

The devices need to be in the group of the sender for receiving the files. The SyncPlisity application is available free of cost in the playstore and also in the store. Thus it can be downloaded by the user anytime they want to download the application.

There is no need of using any internet connection or any Wi-Fi connections for sending files.

The file transfer can be easily done using the hotspot feature and it does not drain the battery of the device also. This SyncPlisity application is available in various languages and can be used by the people all over the world easily. There is no difficulty absolutely in reading the instructions or understanding the app. The app is very much user friendly and the functioning of the application is also excellent.